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What is it ?

Join a 3-month program for young Romanian teams to make your ideas into vibrant IT products!

Take a journey off the beaten path:

  • Choose your track from one of the Smart Teritories categories: Agriculture, Cyber-security, Energy, Health & Lifestyle, Smart Cities or Retail;
  • Experience the Hackathon: develop and pitch a first prototype of your idea in front of a jury including top-level people from diverse industries in Romania;
  • Get selected and join a 3-month training period in which you learn to develop, grow, fine-tune, finance and expand your startup into a viable business;
  • It’s Demo Day: Pitch your final prototype in an electrifying event!

Top mentors, industry leaders and angel investors are eager to hear your idea and to guide your steps pedal-to-the-metal towards success!

Meet our mentors

Andrei Pitiș

Founder Vector Watch

Bogdan Iordache

Founder How To Web

Stefan Slavnicu

CTO Orange Romania

Jean-Baptiste Dernoncourt

General Manager Carrefour Romania

Cristian Pațachia

Development & Innovation Manager Orange Romania

Diana Olar

Programmatic Strategy Consultant

Vladimir Oane

Director of Product Hootsuite Media

Dan Mihailescu

Technology & Development Director Microsoft

Teodor Ceaușu

Country Manager Ixia Romania

Radu Georgescu

Chairman of the Board GECAD NET

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