What is it ?

Join a 3-month program for young Romanian teams to make your ideas into vibrant IT products!

Take a journey off the beaten path:

  • Choose your track from one of the Smart Teritories categories: Agriculture, Cyber-security, Energy, Health & Lifestyle, Smart Cities or Retail;
  • Experience the Hackathon: develop and pitch a first prototype of your idea in front of a jury including top-level people from diverse industries in Romania;
  • Get selected and join a 3-month training period in which you learn to develop, grow, fine-tune, finance and expand your startup into a viable business;
  • It’s Demo Day: Pitch your final prototype in an electrifying event!

Top mentors, industry leaders and angel investors are eager to hear your idea and to guide your steps pedal-to-the-metal towards success!

Imagine with Orange

Imagine with Orange is a crowdsourcing platform for innovation and a launch pad for entrepreneurs. Innovation Labs, in collaboration with Orange, now gives young entrepreneurs the opportunity to validate their ideas among a global community, seek out support and get feedback on their ideas.

Submit your startup idea until May 5th and get a chance to improve it with the help of international experts: https://imagine.orange.com/en/ideas/smart-territories

You can win a trip to Paris or an Amazon voucher.



register until

March 3


March 5-6

demo day

May 26

Team tracks

Take up the challenge of making agriculture more attractive for young professionals and entrepreneurs, more efficient for farmers, more profitable in a changing economy, more sustainable and ecological.

Create solutions for a safer digital world, empowering users to explore in confidence the previously uncharted and push the boundaries of knowledge and experience, in full awareness of risks and defense measures.

Enlighten energy use for people and businesses through smart technologies for accurate monitoring and flexible allocation of energy, automation and intelligent control of energy use and informed choice.

Help people take full advantage of current technologies to increase self-knowledge, hack their daily routines and take control over their lifestyles.

Revolutionize retail by merging mobile applications, IoT sensors and devices, cloud service and powerful data analytics tools for novel customer-business interaction.

Boost urban experiences and shape inspiriting environments through rich information flows and secure feedback loops, synchronizing rhythms of daily life, business and travel into a city-wide performance.

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