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Razvan Bretoiu

Alexandru Bogdan

Sebastian Godja

Paul Oarga

Briciu Catalin

DeliverME is an online platform that connects large chains of supermarkets or hypermarkets, with their customers, by giving them the possibility to sell their products through it. The business is based on the on-demand economy model, by introducing private contractors that shop and deliver the goods for the customers. So, it is basically a three-way market. When a customer accesses the platform, he first enters the location where he wants the groceries to be delivered, chooses the supermarket, adds items to the cart and places the order. A notification is then sent to the closest drivers, until one of them accepts it. The driver starts shopping, pays for the goods and then delivers them to the customer. The customer places orders in the first part of the day and has them delivered in the second part and can take advantage of the following features: lists, recipes, share cart and global search.

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