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Ana-Maria Mărgerușeanu

Florin Bucur

Adrian-Ioan Coman

Andrada Maria-Magdalena Răducanu

Mihai-Ionuț Lupea

Andrei Mărăcineanu

EvConnect is an event management app customized for the cultural hubs in Bucharest. In the current age where tehnology changes fast, cultural institutions both public and private face their biggest challenge - online connecting with their users and keep their interests together. University Politehnica of Bucharest is one of the biggest public institutions that hosts events, but not all the students know about them. This mobile app will form a community formed by students in this faculty with common interests such as attending to competitions or presentations on several topics, developing skills or lan parties. Their advantage? Discovering about all the events hosted at University Politehnica of Bucharest through a mobile app in an organized way without searching on grups or looking for the pinned posts.

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