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Iulia Maria Florea

Vlad Andrei Florea

Constantin-Denis Ilie-Ablachim

George-Cristian P─âtru

GreenLeaf creates smart greenhouses, proposing an average reduction of 70% in costs and an improvement of 200% in efficiency for greenhouse farmers. The GreenHouse solution measures soil & air quality, analyzes data and automatically controls greenhouse parameters. Its distinctive features consist of long range coverage through LoRa protocol, a modular system which is easy to implement on ground, and 100% energy independence. In 1980 there were 2000 ha of greenhouses in Romania; in 2015 there are only 150 ha, compared to a necessary of 20.000 ha in order to sustain the entire population. Our solution is developed in close collaboration with farmers and R&D horticultural laboratories.

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