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Job Link

Tudor Lapusan

Radu Popescu

Angela Lepadatu

JobLink is a solution for job recruiters that allows them to focus on employees’ social behaviour and personal interests in the selection process. The platform analyses social media activity and delivers relevant output for a better matching between candidates and employers. “A lot of people are not engaged at their jobs and this has a negative impact on both their professional and personal life. Our B2B startup helps people to be more engaged in their daily jobs, simply by finding the right company/position for everyone.“ – Tudor Lapusan, Founder of JobLink Tudor Lapusan, Radu Popescu and Angela Lepadatu met during a startup event and are all currently employed. Their competences are related to big data, front-end development as well as marketing, which gives their startup a multi leveled set of skills, suitable to launch a well designed product.

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