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Radu Ungureanu

Andrei Ciobanu

Are you a guitarist constantly trying to improve your skills and learn new songs? If the answer to this question is “YES”, that means that you might want to give MusicMaster a try. As experienced musicians, we know that the learning process can lead to frustration over time and eventually to abandon (especially in the case of beginners). Get rid of the process of finding the best guitar chords for your favorite songs and start playing as you’ve always wanted. We know that not every musician is a technician. Therefore, we created MusicMaster, a mobile application that enables you to find the chords for your song with a few taps, store them offline and play them anywhere, anytime. In addition to that, MusicMaster’s most innovative feature is recording the moment of transition from one chord to another, enabling you to play your guitar in a Karaoke manner. Whether you’d like to learn new songs or practice songs that you already know, MusicMaster is the best way to do it.

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