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George Platon

Alex Cosma

Alin Turbut

Andrei Puni

SpotTune is a mobile app that handles repetitive tasks and helps users better handle their busy schedule. The app is meant for the fast living that needs good planning and constant reminders to keep track of the day. “SpotTune started from a simple idea which came to me while I was still in college. I wanted an app to put my phone on ‚silent mode’ whenever I attended conferences, I was in movie theaters or Sundays at church”. – George Platon, Co-Founder of SpotTune. George Platon, Alex Cosma, Alin Turbut and Andrei Puni have a core focus on development. George, Alex and Alin are specialised on Android and web development, while Andrei has more than 5 years experience in iOS.

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