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Urban Gardener


Matei Balan

Stelian Mustea

Razvan Surche

Ana Trandafir

Adina Morisca

Bogdan Macovei

Andrei Ilie

Cristina Magureanu

Theodor Boia

Serban Tatarciuc

We are an agritech startup focusing on developing technologies for growing vegetables and herbs vertically, in order to bring cities and communities into the new age. Aeroponics is soiless growing utilizing spray nozzles,high oxygenated water and soluble nutrients to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and a variety of fruits.The entire system uses a series of sensors such as: temperature( for water and environment), humidity, pH, light environment, for monitoring the system. Data from the sensors are sent into a cloud platform for processing and presented into an app to user. We are driven by the dream of seeing fresh, clean, local food grown and consumed in communities everywhere. That dream is becoming more and more possible with the efficient and productive technologies we have developed, and maybe with future growers like you.

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