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Wiliam Bognar

Cristian Patru

Denis Ilie-Ablachim

Razvan Chitu

Alexandru-Adrian Achiritoaei

Eugen Buzila

YardBoard is a solution for viticulturists that collects information from the environment and send notifications regarding the state of the wine yard. YardBoard starts by recording 5 environmental parametres: soil humidity and temperature, air humidity and temperature, and light. The modules send the information through LoRa, enabling data analysis through dedicated software. The product provides a graphic illustration for the evolution of relevant parameters and notifies viticulturists when an intervention is needed, thus reducing irrigation costs. In the future, the application will be able to provide recommendations regarding the optimization of the sensor network through machine learning and will enhance the number of sensors in order to analyze and optimize the dosage of macro-elements needed by the vine.

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